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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looks like 2 Locust is coming off the market!

No, we haven't sold it. BUT! we did find an amazing family to whom we're going to rent 2 Locust. It's so fantastic when everything comes together just so perfectly. If we could have hand picked a family to live at 2 Locust (besides us, of course!) it would be this crew. We're thrilled. They're thrilled.

 Like the rest of this journey, it's not exactly what we expected, but it's better than we'd hoped.

So- after one year and 12 days from  the fire to the renovation to the relocation to NH, and all the ups and downs of trying to sell 2 Locust, this looks like it will be my last post. Thanks very much for reading and for all the encouraging words you guys sent to us along the way.

It's time to close this chapter open another. Perhaps another blog?! (writing this has been way more fun than I expected it to be).

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Open House This Sunday!

Time to open the doors and invite you in again! Come see all the updates in person- since our first open house (a mere 90 days ago to the DAY), we've dropped the price twice and done a bunch more work. (Have you seen the backyard yard!?)

"Motivated Seller" is an understatement....LOL

We're really falling in love with our new home in NH- and I am (finally) ready to let go of 2 Locust. I feel very honored to have owned it during this amazing, pivotal part of its history. But I think 2 Locust is ready to move on.... and so we're focused on finding the perfect buyer. Maybe it's you?

We're ready for you.... so come on in and check out all the possibilities laying in wait.

Call Jody or email me if you'd rather a private showing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This experience has been such a roller coaster ride. I think we're ready to get off of it now though...
So! we've asked our realtor to lower the price of 2 Locust again. We’re knocking another $10,000 off the price. 
 2 Locust Ave is now for sale at $204,900!!

The novelty of paying two mortgages has completely worn off and we’re ready to sell!  ;)

Plus: It’s the perfect season to sit on the front porch and toast your good fortune at having bought such a great house at such a fantastic price!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good News & Bad News

First the bad: our deal fell through.
So...the good: 2 Locust is still for sale ;)

I am a little broken hearted. Not going to sugar coat it: we really thought we were ready to close this chapter and excited at the prospect of a new owner taking over 2 Locust.

But, t'was not to be.

I won't get into details- they're just not important. The important thing is we're ready to move on. Back up on the horse, so to speak.

In the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer: GIDDY-UP!

(picture came from, i am not - nor do i claim to be- the owner of any copyright associated therewith.)

Friday, June 15, 2012

What an Extraordinary Flag Day! ;)

We got an offer and are about to sign the contract to sell 2 Locust!

I hear the buyer reads the blog so I want to be the first to say "Congratulations!". I am really looking forward to meeting to you. I know, by tradition and convention,  we're not supposed to talk until the closing except through our agents or attorneys, but nothing about this experience has been conventional or traditional! So, I offer my sincerest best wishes to you as we embark on this little (but life changing) journey together.

We just bought a house in NH, so I know what you're in for with paperwork and banks and all the red tape. I hope that it goes smoothly for you and that before you know it, you're sipping a cold drink on a hot night on the front porch of 2 Locust. It will all be worth it in the end!

All the best 'til we meet in person. (And....don't mind my sobs at the closing table, I am truly happy for you. I will just miss this place like crazy.) On to our next chapters!



Thursday, May 31, 2012

Price Drop!!

Guess what! We're dropping the price of 2 Locust :)
We are now on the market for $214,900.

It's been about 6 weeks since the debut open house and the feature in the Times Union and we want to shake things up a little bit. While technically, 2 Locust has been for sale since December- the work has only been finished since April. So with only 2 months on the market,  we  know it's probably a little early to drop the price, but we ran the numbers and decided it makes sense. We really hope to sell over the summer. It's hard to settle into life in NH, when such a big part of us is still in NY.

We've had so much positive feedback about the house and its special charm! The only negative notes we've heard were about the mudroom and the back yard. So- we hired some folks to fix those things up and should be in good shape now. The mudroom should be all repainted  by this weekend. The landscapers have cleaned out and then re-seeded the whole yard, so if you don't see grass....just know it's coming. ;)

And! If you come soon, you'll be able to see the roses in bloom.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My name is Mud

as in mudroom.

We were at 2 Locust the other day cleaning out some stuff from the garage when we came face to face with the back porch/mudroom. Gross.

My bad. To be completely honest, we haven't set foot out there since before the renovations. We knew the contractors were using it for storage and we sort of forgot how much work it needed even before renovation began.  Once Mike cleared out and we got a good look (just this Tuesday, by the way). We realized how gross it is. Peeling paint, dust, debris..... It definitely needs some major TLC if it's going to be a part of 2 Locust.

So! My apologies if you've seen it "as is". Come back in a bit- it will look so much better.  If you're coming this weekend (we have a few showings booked and an Open House) close your eyes when you go out the back door. Imagine renovated walls, freshly painted and then a lovely lush oasis in the back yard. (it took a beating through the construction traffic so it, too, needs some special attention). Sod, maybe? bushes? Perhaps easy care flowers..... it used to be so pretty! i am sure we can get it back there for you.

The garage may take a few extra weekends. There is a bunch of stuff out there that is heading for the dumpster and some stuff that is heading to NH with us. EVERYTHING, though- is dusty after its siesta in the garage during renovations.

No worries, though - we got this. ;)

PS- We have a pressure washer coming, too- there is some yucky dust on the outside of the house as well.  Again- not sure if it will all be done by the weekend- but we're certainly on it.