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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looks like 2 Locust is coming off the market!

No, we haven't sold it. BUT! we did find an amazing family to whom we're going to rent 2 Locust. It's so fantastic when everything comes together just so perfectly. If we could have hand picked a family to live at 2 Locust (besides us, of course!) it would be this crew. We're thrilled. They're thrilled.

 Like the rest of this journey, it's not exactly what we expected, but it's better than we'd hoped.

So- after one year and 12 days from  the fire to the renovation to the relocation to NH, and all the ups and downs of trying to sell 2 Locust, this looks like it will be my last post. Thanks very much for reading and for all the encouraging words you guys sent to us along the way.

It's time to close this chapter open another. Perhaps another blog?! (writing this has been way more fun than I expected it to be).

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Open House This Sunday!

Time to open the doors and invite you in again! Come see all the updates in person- since our first open house (a mere 90 days ago to the DAY), we've dropped the price twice and done a bunch more work. (Have you seen the backyard yard!?)

"Motivated Seller" is an understatement....LOL

We're really falling in love with our new home in NH- and I am (finally) ready to let go of 2 Locust. I feel very honored to have owned it during this amazing, pivotal part of its history. But I think 2 Locust is ready to move on.... and so we're focused on finding the perfect buyer. Maybe it's you?

We're ready for you.... so come on in and check out all the possibilities laying in wait.

Call Jody or email me if you'd rather a private showing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This experience has been such a roller coaster ride. I think we're ready to get off of it now though...
So! we've asked our realtor to lower the price of 2 Locust again. We’re knocking another $10,000 off the price. 
 2 Locust Ave is now for sale at $204,900!!

The novelty of paying two mortgages has completely worn off and we’re ready to sell!  ;)

Plus: It’s the perfect season to sit on the front porch and toast your good fortune at having bought such a great house at such a fantastic price!