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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My name is Mud

as in mudroom.

We were at 2 Locust the other day cleaning out some stuff from the garage when we came face to face with the back porch/mudroom. Gross.

My bad. To be completely honest, we haven't set foot out there since before the renovations. We knew the contractors were using it for storage and we sort of forgot how much work it needed even before renovation began.  Once Mike cleared out and we got a good look (just this Tuesday, by the way). We realized how gross it is. Peeling paint, dust, debris..... It definitely needs some major TLC if it's going to be a part of 2 Locust.

So! My apologies if you've seen it "as is". Come back in a bit- it will look so much better.  If you're coming this weekend (we have a few showings booked and an Open House) close your eyes when you go out the back door. Imagine renovated walls, freshly painted and then a lovely lush oasis in the back yard. (it took a beating through the construction traffic so it, too, needs some special attention). Sod, maybe? bushes? Perhaps easy care flowers..... it used to be so pretty! i am sure we can get it back there for you.

The garage may take a few extra weekends. There is a bunch of stuff out there that is heading for the dumpster and some stuff that is heading to NH with us. EVERYTHING, though- is dusty after its siesta in the garage during renovations.

No worries, though - we got this. ;)

PS- We have a pressure washer coming, too- there is some yucky dust on the outside of the house as well.  Again- not sure if it will all be done by the weekend- but we're certainly on it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

National Open House Weekend is the weekend of April 29

So! you can go check out lots of other houses and  then come see us at 2 Locust on Sunday, April 29th to see how it's done right.  ;)

 (Don't think I don't check out the competition regularly to be sure we're leading the pack in value.... you won't find another Victorian in this neighborhood at our price point with ALL 2012 upgrades met or exceeded, plus: a brand new roof, new electrical system, new plumbing, new hardwoods, new insulation, new walls, new ceilings, new kitchen, might not even find a comparable newer home with those bonuses, but if you're in the market specifically for a Victorian, you know what we're offering is unheard of)

Do I sound proud or just obnoxious? I feel like this sales pitch spins in my head like a broken record... I guess that's because 2 Locust is my dream house. It was my dream house even when it needed a new roof last year, so it's unbelievable to me now that someone can buy it and have ALL these new upgrades.  (Have you seen the roof, by the way? it positively gleams!)

I guess this is all on my mind today because our new home in NH is suffering from a frightening lack of new things/upgrades and we've (unexpectedly, of course) had to sink a boatload of money into it already. The house is less than 10 years old but it's starting to feel like that Tom Hanks movie "The Money Pit".  (We've even had the giant bee hive scene)  Let me tell ya- it makes leaving all the brand new-ness of 2 Locust even harder. 

But I digress. Moving on to the recent "House of the Week" Feature in the Times Union.

I used to take all the compliments we got with a giant grain of salt because they were coming from  friends and family who are sort of honor-bound to tell you what you need to hear in these that we've "debuted"to the public at large, however- people I've never met are saying fabulous things about the house. I get emails from total strangers telling me how much they love the house and are moved by our story. It's really touching. Nearly every single one has said "If I was in the market to buy, I would make an offer in an instant".  That's encouraging, for sure. Now, we just need someone to see the story  and visit 2 Locust in person who IS in the market to buy.

In addition to the all the emails and calls (both to us and to our realtor), the  TU blog itself  had some great feedback for us as well- check it out if you haven't. There are a couple of disparaging words- but even those are taste related...not substance issues. (Shocking- considering the general direction  those comments tend to go in)  I engaged with posters where necessary to correct factual misrepresentations but I won't defend our decorative choices. It's totally a matter of perception and if you hate the paint I chose, I know some great contractors you can hire to change it when you move in. ;)

(this post went on a lot longer than I intended to...sorry about that)

Anyway! It's just been so incredibly positive and encouraging- I am thrilled. We put our hearts into this renovation- to make sure it was done properly. I think that really shows through. We'll be showing 2 Locust to the world again on April 29th between noon and 2. (this time with lemonade on the porch, as was brilliantly suggested by a new friend I met when she reached out to me via email after she read the TU story).

In the meantime, we've had a few requests for private showings and so far we've been able to honor all of if you want one of those, email me or call Jody. If that one special buyer doesn't stumble upon us before the 29th, then we'll see ya at National Open House weekend.

(518) 573-1093 Joseph Dalton  (me!)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Times Union Readers are BLOWING up the 2 Locust Blog


Check out the posts from January (when the work was just beginning) to get a full sense of how much is new. From plumbing to electrical, to the roof, the floors, the walls, the EVERYTHING.

you'll be amazed.

(thanks for checking us out)

We're Almost Famous!!!!

How amazing! We are the "House of the Week" in the Times Union. As a long time reader of the feature, it's surreal to see MY house in it. Leigh did such a great job with the write up and the pictures are so fantastic....... it almost seems too good to be true.

So far, the comments are supportive and flattering and I am just THRILLED.  (truth be told: I've known for a while that we were going to be featured and have literally lost sleep worrying about how brutal the comments could be.)

Between this and the aptly timed Open House on Sunday from noon- 2 pm, I think I better start planning my very last porch nights. I doubt we'll own 2 Locust for too much longer.

For the record- if you buy 2 Locust and want a perfect "porch night", you really only need a few things:
*white twinkly lights to string up
*your favorite summer cocktail (or mocktail, if you prefer)
*a comfy chair to kick back in

that's it.
really very simple.

email me if you want to come see how it's done. ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jody took some amazing pictures for the actual MLS Listing


Upstairs bathroom:

 Downstairs Bathroom

Dining Room 

Second Parlor/Office on First Floor




Front Parlor

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sneak Preview

Very slight sneak preview.... since I am stuck in NH unexpectedly this weekend (long story*)  instead of working on the staging of 2 Locust as I'd planned to do this weekend.  There is a lot to do before next Sunday's (4/15) Open House! I would really like to hang up the curtains, at least. They make rooms so.... "roomy". Not spacious- just more like what a room is supposed to look like. Maybe "cozy" is the word I am looking for. 


Earlier this week, we got back all of our stuff that survived the fire last summer. While the water was still dripping, a cleaning company came and took everything. Some stuff- they were able to clean and salvage- lots of stuff just got tossed. Then, because we were living in an apt., the stuff that made it through the salvage phase was stored in a storage unit somewhere on our behalf. A few days ago, it all came "home". For anyone who has never been through it- it's like a very surreal Christmas.... All these boxes come back to you and you have to unwrap everything, but it's been so long- you hardly remember what's there. (And the nostalgia hides where you'd least expect it: an ice cream scooper brought tears to my eyes.) 

I guess I am trying to say: the stuff that came back is the stuff that makes a house into a home. Flowers, decorations, curtains, rugs, mugs, wine glasses, etc. Even when it's not your stuff- it lends a little charm to a house, right? I put some flowers on a table in the foyer and all of a sudden the house looks alive again. 

 we put our old decorative bar in the dining room and all of sudden you can imagine sitting there and living instead of just looking a pictures of sheetrock and granite and  hardwood floor samples....right?
anyway- there's a lot more of this to do. I will be very busy this week: gently waking up this sleepy life inside 2 Locust. It's been dormant almost a year- time to yawn really big, stretch her arms out and welcome you in to see what's been happening.