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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sneak Preview

Very slight sneak preview.... since I am stuck in NH unexpectedly this weekend (long story*)  instead of working on the staging of 2 Locust as I'd planned to do this weekend.  There is a lot to do before next Sunday's (4/15) Open House! I would really like to hang up the curtains, at least. They make rooms so.... "roomy". Not spacious- just more like what a room is supposed to look like. Maybe "cozy" is the word I am looking for. 


Earlier this week, we got back all of our stuff that survived the fire last summer. While the water was still dripping, a cleaning company came and took everything. Some stuff- they were able to clean and salvage- lots of stuff just got tossed. Then, because we were living in an apt., the stuff that made it through the salvage phase was stored in a storage unit somewhere on our behalf. A few days ago, it all came "home". For anyone who has never been through it- it's like a very surreal Christmas.... All these boxes come back to you and you have to unwrap everything, but it's been so long- you hardly remember what's there. (And the nostalgia hides where you'd least expect it: an ice cream scooper brought tears to my eyes.) 

I guess I am trying to say: the stuff that came back is the stuff that makes a house into a home. Flowers, decorations, curtains, rugs, mugs, wine glasses, etc. Even when it's not your stuff- it lends a little charm to a house, right? I put some flowers on a table in the foyer and all of a sudden the house looks alive again. 

 we put our old decorative bar in the dining room and all of sudden you can imagine sitting there and living instead of just looking a pictures of sheetrock and granite and  hardwood floor samples....right?
anyway- there's a lot more of this to do. I will be very busy this week: gently waking up this sleepy life inside 2 Locust. It's been dormant almost a year- time to yawn really big, stretch her arms out and welcome you in to see what's been happening.

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