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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My name is Mud

as in mudroom.

We were at 2 Locust the other day cleaning out some stuff from the garage when we came face to face with the back porch/mudroom. Gross.

My bad. To be completely honest, we haven't set foot out there since before the renovations. We knew the contractors were using it for storage and we sort of forgot how much work it needed even before renovation began.  Once Mike cleared out and we got a good look (just this Tuesday, by the way). We realized how gross it is. Peeling paint, dust, debris..... It definitely needs some major TLC if it's going to be a part of 2 Locust.

So! My apologies if you've seen it "as is". Come back in a bit- it will look so much better.  If you're coming this weekend (we have a few showings booked and an Open House) close your eyes when you go out the back door. Imagine renovated walls, freshly painted and then a lovely lush oasis in the back yard. (it took a beating through the construction traffic so it, too, needs some special attention). Sod, maybe? bushes? Perhaps easy care flowers..... it used to be so pretty! i am sure we can get it back there for you.

The garage may take a few extra weekends. There is a bunch of stuff out there that is heading for the dumpster and some stuff that is heading to NH with us. EVERYTHING, though- is dusty after its siesta in the garage during renovations.

No worries, though - we got this. ;)

PS- We have a pressure washer coming, too- there is some yucky dust on the outside of the house as well.  Again- not sure if it will all be done by the weekend- but we're certainly on it.

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