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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Pics and Views.

Wow. It's really the only word that comes to mind! I won't gush profusely- I will just tell ya what you're looking at.....

This is the first of the two parlors. We don't have a lot of prior shots of this room because the appliances have been wrapped up and stored there, so it was hard to see the actual room. Isn't it lovely?!

Another view of the same room. The windows look out onto Locust Ave.
This is a familiar shot from the upstairs hall looking towards the two back bedrooms. (The upstairs bathroom is to the left, the master bedroom and 4th bedroom are to the right.)

Here's a close up of the "split" between the two back bedrooms. One has a window that overlooks the back yard and the other bedroom's window faces Pawling Ave.

Upstairs landing view (mike is still working on the railings)

Here's a view from the stairs to the master bedroom. I took it mostly to show the floors - there will be a railing there soon.

Back downstairs- this is the front parlor again, looking back at the foyer, second parlor and archway to the hallway that leads to the kitchen and formal dining room. The floorplan is great downstairs- I love how the rooms are clearly divided- but still "flow" into one another with great big entryways.

Ah!! the kitchen. Here's the valance over the breakfast bar which faces the big window overlooking the back yard. It's funny that I used to stand in the window and drink my coffee every morning. I loved looking out at the seasons (and the dogs running in the back yard) Now, it's actually the perfect place to sit and get comfy for morning coffee....and the window is framed like a picture. Sheesh! why didn't we do this before?!

To the left of the window/breakfast bar is the fridge. This is the house the fridge will live in. It's got those two great little cabinets over it and the fabulous encasing cabinetry that makes the fridge look like it was made just for the kitchen.

Here's the door to the bathroom/laundry room off the kitchen. It was SUCH a good idea to use this kind of pocket door to save space for the cooler things in the kitchen. (Mary and/or Mike is a genius)

This blinding shot (sorry!) is to show you how the window fits into the brilliant scheme of the valance and breakfast bar to the right of the fridge.

here is how is all connects at the ceiling together in a seamless blend

more kitchen- less blinding, but kind of bad lighting. Again- just giving the highlights of what's to come.  (I think that's the oven all wrapped up in the middle of the room)

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