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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh my.

So... Mike tells me that we need to meet to pick out lighting fixtures and that the granite is coming this week for the counter tops  and the floors need one more coat, etc. All routine stuff. Then, he hits me with "if everything goes well, we're going to finish up by the end of next week."

I am so

well. speechless, evidently.

This whole process has been nothing short of life altering. From the fire, to the apartment, to the renovation, to the the decision to sell 2 Locust, to buying the house in NH.  It's like all the troubles, opportunities, everything  from the fire onward have been like little trees and then today Mike said "hey, we're leaving this forest in 2 weeks, so pack your stuff up."

 seeing the forest through the trees and all (see what I did there?)


My very first thought upon hearing this "two weeks" news was "no, no. not yet. no way, man. I didn't get my hanging flower baskets yet this year."

But I suppose I knew this day was coming.
Bittersweet is the only word that comes close to describing this giant lump in my throat. Don't get me wrong:  I am really excited about our new home (and life) in New Hampshire. But, man!! I am going to miss 2 Locust like crazy. All this time spent "renovating" - she was still totally ours. I mean, at any moment, I could have said "paint that wall black" and Mike would have done it.

For some reason, the knowledge that 1.  the decisions have all been made and 2. those  decisions are the very last ones I'll be allowed to make about 2 Locust (unless the new owners are SUPER laid back and invite me to direct all their future renovations going forward) is very poignant.

He's done. It's done. Now we sell.

Oh. selling.
I knew deep down that no one would buy 2 Locust while renovations were in process. (From a legal standpoint, it would have been a nightmare to allocate risk and responsibility appropriately through a sales contract and unlikely a bank would even finance the purchase before the house was done, and thus worth the presumed mortgaged amount). I knew she would be ours at least until the renovations were complete (and I treasured that little tidbit of knowledge. seriously: any time I got sad about the sale, I'd think "don't be silly, Amy, they're not even done fixing her yet").

 cue the "Misty Water Colored Memories" music, right?

Nah. I am not going to dwell on the sad part.... I have way too much to do before we are ready for open houses and "finished" showings.  it's like getting her ready for the prom ;)
So, cue the music montage you'd expect from a fabulous 80's movie as the main character gets made over.

time to get busy.

For one thing, I definitely have to get some hanging baskets.

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