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Friday, February 3, 2012

Good News, Bad News (with pics!)

The debut showing was cancelled for tomorrow- which is sort of bad-ish news. BUT! there is so much happening at 2 Locust right now that it's probably for the best. In a week or so, there will be that much more to look at... Plus- I really felt under-prepared. LOL- I know that's odd considering I am not even really allowed to be there for the showing... but I imagined the house being far more "done" and having little staging opportunities everywhere - like a bouquet of flowers or a few coffee cups on the breakfast bar. I think both 2 Locust and I are secretly relieved that it's not quite "showtime" yet.

'Kay. so, deep breath! Back to what we do best.

Here is the kitchen floor and honey beige paint. Don't mind the door to the back porch. It's not the right color anymore. (Our cabinets used to be that color- so it looked cool when it was open like that... ) anyway: love the warmth of the walls now. That yellow is just perfect and the ceramic floors are fantastic.

Here's the front entryway color. It looks more brown in this picture than in really is. In real life, it's just a deeper version of the hallway color that runs up the stairs and through the upstairs hall...

This next color might be my absolute favorite of them all. It's in the office/second parlor room and it really pops in person. My phone doesn't really take the best color shots, I guess- because none of these seem do to justice to the actual colors. Also- the lighting isn't done yet in the house, so I am stuck with lots of shadows. Guess you'll just have to come in person! ;)

While I was there, I picked up the hardwood floor samples. Email me if you have input. I am leaning towards mid-range now. Originally, I thought dark- but if the new owners have pets, they will hate me a short while after moving in. Dark floors show every single dog or cat hair.... better to go lighter, I think.
 Here is the upstairs bathroom floor. It's perfect. I can't believe what pros Mike and Eddie are. All of the do it yourself projects we did look like first grade art projects compared to this work.  (Sorry, Dan)

Here are the interior doors- all of them. :) They look a little out of place leaning on a wall in the parlor like this- but I am sure they'll be happy in their respective new homes. I hope a family with kids moves in and the doors get teenagers to slam them someday in angst. Seems like that would be the most exciting a door's life could get.

This is a shot of the dining room/family room taken from the office/second parlor. I love how subtle the walls are...which surprises me, since I always lean towards dramatic color choices. That "blank canvas" aspect is so appealing. You can also see the woodwork over to the left. 
 And last but not least... (drum roll, please) Here are the cabinets. Or, well- the boxes that hold the cabinets. I CANNOT wait to see these up in action in the kitchen. I agonized over picking just the right yellow to go with them and I think I nailed it... we shall see very soon!

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