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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Looks like my relief at not having to show 2 Locust quite yet was premature...! A potential buyer has requested a showing for this Saturday. I am excited to find out what people who aren't me (or my close friends) think of the house as it is now.

No doubt: someone with the right vision could absolutely see what's almost there and want to scoop it up before its completely ready. But be blunt and fair: we're not done. A friend of mine (who doesn't follow the blog, GASP!!) suggested we put some cookies in the oven to bake for the showing.. I had to gently remind her that there is no oven.

I mean, of course there is an oven. It's a fantastic stainless steel number and its wrapped up in the first parlor with all the doors. It's just not in its own position yet.  Maybe I could just leave some oreos out.

Personally, I'd be more impressed with actual cookies than the mere whiff of "cookies to be"...but that's sort of the opposite of what I'm expecting the potential buyer to see in 2 Locust on Saturday.

I do wish I could be there. I would love to point out the important stuff... to tell them exactly where the new stuff is going and invite them into my  head to see the way it turns out.

At the very least...I'd like to hand them a list of the things that will be finished and polished on our dime. Maybe I should draft that list anyway.. post it and then check things off on the blog. I am sure Mike would love it (lol) more paperwork on 2 Locust!!!

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