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Friday, February 17, 2012

yikes! so many things going on

The house looks amazing...but unfortunately- I got there too late to take decent pics the other day. We don't have lighting if it's past dusk, my phone can't capture the pictures properly.

Mike (the contractor) called to say we have to postpone showings for a bit because they are going to start the hard wood floor process but then Jody (the realtor) snuck one in at the last minute for tomorrow.

So far, we've had great feedback from the showings.

There is a ton of buzz- which is exciting and terrifying. Lots of folks calling Jody or emailing me.... it's almost like there is a great party going on and people are trying to get on the VIP list to catch a preview of what it really looks like inside before the doors are actually opened.

I am a little relieved that it will pause for a few weeks for Mike to do the floors....we're just about a month away from being totally done on the inside and I'll be frank: it scares me!

I guess it shouldn't...we've known since December that we have to sell her. It's just odd. We really never thought we'd EVER sell 2 Locust.

We did find a house we love in NH. We signed a contract to buy it and have the inspection tomorrow. If all goes well with the inspection, we'll close on that purchase but won't move until May (when Dan finishes his classes.) It will be odd to own two homes for a bit. (And expensive! lol) We decided not to move back into 2 Locust- even after she's ready. It will be too hard to leave her twice, I think. We sort of went through the brutal separation already right after the fire... I don't want to do it again. Also- we think there is a giant benefit in keeping 2 Locust pristine after she's finished. Not that we're excessively messy people or anything...but this way she'll be brand new when her new owners take over.

So... we're going to crash with my parents for a bit. (yikes, right?!)

It's no one's dream to own two great houses and then sleep in the guest room at their in-laws....but Dan is a trooper and this is what we've chosen.

sigh- the things we do for our buyer.  ;)

I am going to swing by tomorrow morning and try to get some good pictures before we head to NH. It sounds like once they start the flooring, we can't poke around for awhile, so I want to get great "before" shots. We really lucked out with the hard woods- Mike was able to upgrade us to some really top shelf hard wood! We tried very hard to spend the insurance money in the places WE would like to see it spent: floors, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. I think it's really coming together perfectly.

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