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Monday, February 6, 2012


Decided to go light: it's the butterscotch color- up in the upper left corner of the samples below. Though I do love dark floors, I think light is better for a busy home. It will hide more pet hair and scuff marks than the darker ones. I mean, we're building a home here, not a museum, right?
Our old hardwood floors were light and held up so well considering all they were put through! Two dogs, two cats and two kids and all their assorted visitors (the kids had visitors, not so much the pets - though when the Sparks' family lived next door, their dog, Cali, often came to sleep over) created a ton of traffic- but the floors always looked better than you'd expect them to under the circumstances.

 Also- I think the new ones come with a lifetime warranty. Remind me to give you all the paperwork on that if you buy the house.

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