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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Christmas Morning" Stairs

The stairs at 2 Locust are quintessential "Christmas Morning" stairs....the kind you run down and then, about 3/4ths of way down, you have to turn to face the Christmas tree. That turn is pivotal because it gives you that precious first glimpse all at once. 

In far less magical commentary about the stairs, they frame the foyer really well. 2 Locust has two grand entrances: one is on the porch- that french paned entryway. The other is here- just inside the front door. 

We always chose dramatic colors for this space. It was a deep red first, then a charcoal grey for a while. We tried green once, but I couldn't get the shade right, so we went back to grey.  (Dan refers to that episode as the "kermit mistake"). I think in the prior posts, there is a shot of the foyer when it was grey. You can really do anything with it because the space is small, but very open. I think, if you're incline to play with colors, this is the place to do it. We'll go neutral-ish unless a buyer steps up and picks something else. (And if they happen to like MY taste, I vote we go midnight blue this time).

Oh! One other idea for this space is hooks. The people from whom we bought 2 Locust had installed a bunch of coat hooks all along that one wall for coats and scarves and stuff. We didn't really care for the look, but it was very functional. I much prefer a coat rack- but , hey! whatever floats your boat. (or, um, hangs your coat)

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