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Friday, January 20, 2012


I picked out everything except the kitchen paint.  The colors are all Behr. Who knew there were so many neutrals out there? Here's a picture of my handiwork and the list after it (with my translations in parenthesis).

  • Entryway/Foyer: Country Club (very muted mauve-like, with a hint of grey)
  • First Parlor: Sandstone Cove (cream, leaning towards beige)
  • Second Parlor: Garden Wall (darker beige leaning toward greenish, with a hint of grey)
  • Dining Room: Swiss Coffee (surprisingly un-coffee like. It's a bright, sophisticated cream)
  • Downstairs Bath & Laundry: Flint Smoke (blueish grey)
  • Stairs and Upstairs Hall: Smoked Oyster (a paler shade of the Country Club color in the foyer)
  • Master Bedroom: Cottage White (not shockingly- it's white-ish with a tinge of yellow)
  • Upstairs Bath: Popped Corn (this is the only color you can actually picture by thinking of its namesake. seriously looks like Pop Secret popcorn)
  • Upstairs Office/Bedroom: Fossil Butte (oooh. this one is cool. It's like the color of the flakes in Dijon's the big square in the bottom left of the picture above)
  • Back Bedrooms: Eggshell Cream & Cornerstone (variations on cream and, um, lighter cream)

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