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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today is Sydney's 11th Birthday!!

And she deserves a very special shout-out on the 2 Locust Ave Blog because she helped make our time living there extraordinary!

When we moved in next door, Syd was only a teeny little kid. Even then, though, she was busy brightening her corner of the world.

The first morning we met Syd was right around this time of year. We had only lived in the house a few weeks and were leaving for work one morning when a giant voice came booming from the next door porch. "HEY NEIGHBORS!!! ISN'T IT A BEAAUUUUUTTIIIFULLLL DAY?!?!".

That greeting came from tiny Syd, smiling a giant smile and waving her little mittens at us. Her family moved to CT a few years back, but we happily travel to visit them there :)

(They better return the favor when we head to NH.... you tell 'em, Squid.)

The porches on Locust Ave are perfect for making friends. We'll always be really grateful for our friend, Sydney!!

So, have a SUPER happy birthday Syd! We miss ya like crazy and will hopefully see you and your parents sometime soon! And Gustav and Deidre, too if we're lucky ;)

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