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Friday, January 20, 2012

Speaking of the Kitchen

(and further procrastinating making these paint choices....) I got a great email from Mary the designer last night saying the space is actually bigger than we'd first estimated and so the breakfast bar/shelving can be bigger. Here's the updated rendering.

I think you could easily get three stools there now- but two is sort of nice. The lights look great, too- They are recessed puck lights. Very chic, no?

The counter tops and cabinetry are rough approximations of the colors, but clearly- the brown is just there by default. Can't wait to see actual real life pictures!!

I think either of the flooring choices from the prior post will highlight the charcoal/green granite and antique cream cabinets really well. It will allow for virtually any color choice on the walls- but I am still being seriously pressured to go neutral. Let the record show- if we weren't trying to attract a buyer, I'd  go deep, deep burgundy with lemon colored accents. 

Also- just want to mention that finding out you have more space than you thought in the kitchen is as rare as the contractors being ahead of schedule and under budget.... all three of which are happening right now. LOVE TECH EAST.

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