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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Inside Stuff!!

Here is the latest and greatest from inside of 2 Locust!

This is the inside door to the basement. You can also access it from the backyard- but this door is off the dining room area as well.

This is a view from the kitchen to the front door. The dining room is on the right, the office/second parlor with decorative fireplace is on the left. Closer to the door, the front parlor is on the left and the foyer/staircase is on the right. 

This is the downstairs bathroom laundry nook area where the washer/dryer hook ups are.

Here's the dining room w/ french doors and giant window.

This is a shot of the front parlor. It's a great space because in addition to being rather large, it has a fantastic sort of bay window. I am not sure what the real estate term is for "the perfect place to put a settee and sit in the sun". It's a cut out of the room made almost completely of windows.... very awesome. I don't take a lot of pics in this room because it's crowded with construction materials and the kitchen appliances are all wrapped up and stored there. 

This is a shot from the master room looking out into the upstairs foyer/stair case.

 From the top of the stairs:

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