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Sunday, January 15, 2012


While I am sure it is hard to tell from reading my nostalgia-laden posts about how much we loved living at 2 Locust, there were, in fact, things (pre fire) that drove us crazy. One such example would be the closets. 

In older homes, closets do not seem to have been as important as they are today. Consequently, the closet in the master bedroom used to have a door at the back of it that swung into the room next door to it. Not necessarily the worst thing ever, but still not something you'd typically rank high on your list of "must haves". 

This is why it's such a relief to see 2 Locust with normal closets....closets with perfect length and depth....the kind you can hang lots of clothes in, fit some storage bins in, add a few shoe racks and maybe a store the hamper in. It's great to see normal size closets with regular doors and no hidden compartments to other rooms. (Seriously- the closet in the back bedroom behind the bathroom had a crawl space that led to the bath)

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