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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The insulation and plumbing are done!

There's not much color commentary here...

Except to say how thorough and meticulous the guys from Tech Each Construction are. (We are impressed every time we visit 2 Locust.)

And also to tell you what exactly you're looking at in the house. :)

Dining Room/Family Room

 Entry to First Parlor (off the Front Foyer)

French Doors from Dining Room to Front Porch

Door from Kitchen to Back Porch

View from Landing on Stairs

Upstairs Hallway (always a favorite spot for a comfy chair in the afternoon sun)

Upstairs Hallway Looking towards the Two Back Bedrooms

Upstairs Bathroom from Hallway

Same Spot, Different View

Top of Staircase, Looking into Master Bedroom


  1. what about including a floor plan? to make it easier to understand the layout it will have. just an idea :)

  2. genius! Yes, of course. I will scan it and include it. (duh)