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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Parties & Parking

Slow to jump on the digital photo train, we were among the remaining few people who actually had hard copies of photos laying around the house. Most, if not all, of those pictures were ruined in the aftermath of the fire. I wish we still had them ....for lots of reasons, not the least of which is to show you how the house looked when it was "alive".

We entertained a lot. Most Spring, Summer and Fall evenings were spent in some combination on the front porch. We did a ton of cook outs in the back yard, but the front porch was the default hangout spot. It was especially perfect in case of rain..... I am pretty sure I will miss rainy Summer nights on the porch most of all.

Anyway, if you enjoy entertaining company as much as we did, the parking at 2 Locust is fantastic. While Locust Ave itself gets tight (because not every home has a driveway),  it's not a problem at #2.  You can fit two cars in the garage, two in the spaces in front of it and another 3-4 in the length of the the spaces out in front of the house. We didn't realize what a benefit that would turn out to be until we'd lived there for a while. You'll appreciate it when your friends visit, for sure- but I bet even more so in the Winter...when the street is crowded by snow banks and your neighbors without driveways have to park on Pawling Ave.

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