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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tonight's Task

Dan and I are off to Home Depot tonight to pick out paint for the kitchen and a floor for the upstairs bathroom. (I really, really hope Mary is around and can point us in the right direction. She's done such an extraordinary job with everything so far)

We decided to use the same ceramic tile from the kitchen floor for the bathroom downstairs. As you can see from the pics in other posts, the rooms touch- so it makes a nice flow. That's how it was before and I think it will be just fine.

I am hoping for some inspiration on the kitchen paint color.  I got to see the Uba Tuba granite in person (my parents were evaluating it for their kitchen as well so they had a hunk of it as a sample). It's not as green as I originally thought that actually opens up MORE color possibilities (which is even more crazy daunting). I expect to spend lots of time in the paint aisle holding the cabinet door and the hunk of granite. (I am sure Dan is thrilled with the prospects for our Friday evening....)

We also need to pick out a backsplash for between the counter and the cabinets. Oddly, that's the part to which I am most looking forward. I have seen a ton of 'splashes that I really like.

Email me any ideas you have today. I'll try to post our pics later tonight. We have an early morning tomorrow, though...we're off to NH with my parents to look at the house we want to buy there. Would it shock you to know it looks rather like 2 Locust? ;)

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