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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sheet rock!!

Dan filled into today as our "guest photographer" to capture the first of the sheet rocking. My first question, of course, was "why is some green?". Turns out, the green sheet rock is for the bathrooms and it's a different grade of sheet rock, specifically designed for high humidity/water- frequented areas. Huh!  Who knew?!

One other thing I want to point out is in these shots is the new upstairs tub. It's a "caulk-less"Kohler tub. This meant nothing to me before Mary explained that caulk-less tubs are desirable because they come in one piece- So, they don't require caulk to seal any openings or potential gaps along the way. I am sure this will be important for years to come, but the first thing I thought of was how awesome it would be to NOT have to scrub caulk with a toothbrush and bleach when cleaning the shower & tub. 

So, here you have it.... it's really beginning to come together. We almost have walls!!

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