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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kitchen Paint, floor and Upstairs bath floor

big decisions!

In the end, the Kitchen was by far the hardest to choose. Antique white cabinets with the Uba Tuba granite counters and stainless steel appliances could support literally any paint choice. As I said, if it was me- I'd do a really deep wine color and lemon colored accents. (If you happen to buy the house and then take that suggestion, would you  send me a picture of it? I bet it's unbelievably cool.) In the meantime, however- we have to be practical and after carrying  the cabinet door and a hunk of the granite around Home Depot for an hour, I settled on "Honey Beige". It's that muted lemon-y yellow color I thought would work so well- but in a grander sense. It also pairs nicely with the grey-blue in the downstairs bathroom.

Speaking of the kitchen, when we stopped by over the weekend, we peeked at the ceramic tile. I am so excited to report that it's going to be that deep grey/blue color. I was torn between the blueish and the brownish and, in the end, left it up to Mike to surprise me. Very good choice, sir. ;) the tiles look pretty awesome stacked up in their little bags, so I am really confident they will be fabulous on the floors of the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

For the upstairs bathroom, we picked a ceramic tile that is a mix of white and cream.  The bathroom floor stays cleaner than the kitchen floor so I am not as afraid of white grout with the white tub, you're going to be on guard anyway, right? The old bathroom had a similar tile, but with grey streaks and grey grout. I always felt like it looked dirty so this presents a much cleaner look. (I also want to mention that I have never, in my life, thought as much about grout as I have while writing this blog).

One more side note on paint- not so much related to 2 Locust, but if you follow the blog (or know me), you will get a kick out of it. I mentioned that we went to NH with my parents Saturday to look at the house we are considering buying there. It's empty- so it's painted all neutral creams and beige. I went online to see if I could find anything out about the house and stumbled upon some old pictures of it. Sure enough- some of the rooms were originally painted my beloved deep, saturated shades: even one that was the perfect midnight blue! It's too funny to think how we neutral everything up to sell our homes! I mean- you sort of HAVE to...the odds are pretty slim of finding a buyer with your exact taste. So you have to reset to neutral and go from there.

One thing, as a buyer, that I loathe is looking at pictures of houses for sale when they are overly decorated in the owner's taste. I mean, sure on the off chance we happen to share taste- it would be fine: but so far, it's only worked to the (utter) disadvantage of the houses we've looked at buying in NH. If you are trying to sell your house (hopefully because you've fallen in love with 2 Locust and want to buy it LOL) I think you have give the new potential owners a clean easel. No one wants to buy someone else's elaborate decorative choices. Right?

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