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Friday, January 13, 2012

I checked out the competition ....

in the real estate listings over lunch today. For those of you rooting for 2 Locust Ave's success, you'll be pleased to know: we are poised for awesomeness. :)

There really isn't anything to which we can adequately compare 2 Locust (apples to oranges*, etc)  .... But just checking out basic things like number of  bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhoods, price per square foot, etc... we still are miles ahead of the competition.

And that's before we add in all the charm! Not to mention the brand new big ticket stuff (roof, electric, plumbing, hardwoods) and the fact that every surface will be brand new. Literally.

The comparable Victorians in our area are generally priced 25-50K more than us- and who knows what horrors lurk in their roofs or electricity. The newer homes priced right around our price point are suffering from a frightening lack of character, and tend to be teeny.

That was a relief to see....  I knew Jody knew what he was doing when he priced us aggressively to sell  but its nice to be reassured by checking out the other listings.

So! Here's hoping for a super quick sale after the work at 2 Locust is all done. We (apparently!) priced her properly to move quickly..... We picked out great representation (Jody); we're working with outstanding designers (Mary) and amazing contractors (Tech East). We buried a statute of St. Joseph in the front yard (upside down, facing the house). We started the blog.... we're good to go. Now we just need that one special buyer who's ready to make it happen.

I guess I am trying extra hard to be positive today. It seems that the closer we get to being done (and according to the contractors we are at 66% today!), the harder all of this is for me to process.   The more 2 Locust Ave starts to take shape and come back to life, the more we realize that she's not really ours anymore.

look for the positive, look for the positive.

Ah! here it is: someone out there is about to walk into the opportunity of a lifetime!

*(apples to oranges) I was going to make joke here about comparing apples to "some other fruit no one has ever heard of", which is what Maeby Funke said when George Michael Bluth ran against Steve Holt (Steve Holt!) for class president...but then I remembered that while we would love for an Arrested Development devotee to buy 2 Locust, I can't limit the sales pitch to just them.

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